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Tiny Complete Solar+Battery+Inverter SYSTEM




Tiny Complete Solar+Battery+Inverter SYSTEM: $1599

Includes 5-year warranty and FIVE YEARS of technical support!!

Package 1: 100

Package 2: Up to 100 Watts Hard or Soft Solar Panels, + Charge Controller, + 55ampHour Deep-cycle Battery, + 600Watt Inverter, + Plug & Play Backboard, + Technical Manual + FREE INSTALLATION  SUPPORT*

Because, let’s face it, either you have the guts to install this yourself, or ya don’t. If y’all are like me though, you’d LOVE to do it yourself, but just don’t have the time to learn how.. Enter: Indie Solar. We’ll take care of the design and installation plan  to give you the ultimate RV solar system, yet let you save the installation cost and do it yourself! You can call us, FaceTime us, have a personal meeting with us to understand your solar system over the next FIVE years. If solar power is the wild-west, this is a hell of a time to get in on the game of #vanlife and #yourDestinty

*You may come park your trailer at our shop in Austin, Texas and we’ll provide on-sight support. Or you may schedule up to 4 hours of Video Conference Calls

Whether you have a backyard gazebo that needs power to a vintage trailer-made-Airbnb to your off-the-factory-floor Class A that you plan to retire in, we have you covered.