RV Solar

Power your off-grid life with a flexible solar panel canopy that’s easy to install

Vanopy RV 620w
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Design, Installation, + Service

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Solar Panel Canopies
Sticky Solar Panels

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Food Truck Solar Generators

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Are you ready for freedom?

Indie Solar helps you live off-the-grid. Solar panel systems that fit RVs

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Solar Panel Canopies + Awnings
Made to Order or Standard Sizes from 65W-130W
Commercial * Residential * Mobile

Connect panels for more power

Hang with grommets or slide into awning pipe

Rolls to the size of a sleeping bag

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Easy to Use

Easy to Carry

Easy to Connect

Battery Charging

5-Year Warranty

Road Tough

Easy Solar Power

Indie Solar * 4601 S. 2nd St. * Austin, Texas * info@texasindiesolar.com

512-270-1786 (1SUN)