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Solar Panel Canopys

Solar Panel Canopys

Power your off-grid life with a flexible solar panel canopy that’s easy to install

Made to Order or Standard Sizes from 65W-130W
Commercial * Residential * Mobile

Connect panels for more power

Hang with grommets or slide into awning pipe

Rolls to the size of a sleeping bag

IndieGogo Vanopy 900w New

Easy to Use

Easy to Carry

Easy to Connect

Battery Charging

5-Year Warranty

Road Tough

Solar Power Contemporary Design

Ultra slim + Ultra Lightweight

On the Solar

The Vanopy’s CIGS solar cells are .33mm thin with an efficiency up to 17%, the highest of any thin-film technology on the market today. These flexible solar panels are encapsulated with cell interconnect mesh and water barrier plastics. They are bendable and shatter proof. 

On the Canopy

Commercial shade fabric is spun from 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn with a higher strength to weight ratio to withstand the harsh climates and road rage. (<–this is technically advanced stuff in the textile industry, FYI) The Vanopy is sewn with a tough lockstitch and special UV resistant thread. The canopy itself has a 15 year warranty which includes the colors being affected from UV rays.

Easy Solar Power